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Tron Announces iPhone Giveaway to Celebrate Token Adoption by Exchanges

The Tron (TRX) team just announced an iPhone X giveaway competition for fans who post positive messages about the project on its social media. This is to celebrate the recent migration to its own blockchain (previously it used Ethereum), as well as increased collaboration with exchanges. Runners-up can stand to win $100 in TRX tokens or Amazon gift cards to that value.

Tron is a Chinese blockchain start-up that aims to “decentralize the web,” specifically content creation, via crypto technology.

Tron fans are asked to record videos of themselves speaking positively about the project, and the most likes and shares on Facebook wins. Users should tag ten friends and also the company founder, Justin Sun.

The competition will run until August 3.

Marketing Hyperdrive
Recently, Tron has launched its own mainnet and worked to have its migrated TRX token integrated with more exchanges such as Binance.

Tron was congratulatory of its own efforts in launching the mainnet, touting its ability to increase adoption through collaboration with exchanges.

As per the Tron Twitter account:

“With TRON Independence Day just past. As an outstanding independent mainnet blockchain project, TRON is cooperating more closely with the major exchanges and wallets. A considerable number of exchanges have stated their support for TRON migration and some of them has opened the deposit & withdrawal service.”

Tron has seen its market cap push it into the top 10 list of cryptos on several occasions. There is a strong marketing and community effort behind the venture. But there has also been criticism of its approach based on how it may have misled the nature of partnership announcements and plagiarised its whitepaper.

The project is certainly heavy on hype, with its marketing materials containing the frequent use of flamboyant terms like “Star Trek,” “blessings” and “Great Voyage.” However, as the hype rolls on, the project is continuing to gain steam with its roadmap, and the coin price has reflected this.

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