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Bear markets always followed by glorious spring, McAfee calms the panic investors

John McAfee gave some comments about the bear markets, telling crypto enthusiasts to relax.

John McAfee is not always about controversy, at least not this time. The 73-year old tech veteran just tweeted some comments about the current bear market, along with some advice to uneasy crypto investors.

He suggested crypto investors to relax and that there’s nothing to be panicked about. “I’m 73 and have seen this dozens of times in many markets. Bear markets are like Winter. It’s always followed by a glorious Spring,” he tweeted.

According to him, there are several causes to the current market crash. Confusion and uncertainty are two of the things that trigger traders to do the things that may have worsened the situation.

He is convinced that “the forces pushing prices down will soon burn out.” In the meantime, “Have a drink, woo your spouse or just take a walk in the sun,” he suggested.

The crypto market has been pretty gloomy in the last couple of weeks. Bitcoin has been valued below $5,000, which is its lowest level since its all-time high end of last year.

Most coins have seen red as well in the past weeks, despite the latest market’s positive trend as reported by Chepicap just hours ago.

The recent “happening” in the crypto space, the Bitcoin Cash hard fork was also full of unnecessary drama and has left crypto enthusiasts, particularly its community questioning about the basic concept of cryptocurrency, which is the decentralization.

Nevertheless, as the wiseman said, “This too shall pass” or at least believe in the guy who have gone through situations like this for 73 years and survived, “F*cking relax.”

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