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The new emerging issue with the war of BCH

There are the war between the ABC and the SV in the BCH’s hard fork. The battle between these two whales is causing the BCH to collapse and only the shrimp are dying out. ABC is a camp of Chinese miner Wu Jihan and SV(Satoshi Vision) is a camp of Australian Craig Wright who claims as Satoshi Nakamoto to have developed Bitcoin. The two camps are forcing a hard fork regardless of public opinion. Originally, Cryptocurrency aims to realize a shared economy based on decentralization. However BCH is leading to a fierce battle between the two centralized forces. The public watching this is the current level of collective mental collapse. The public is wondering about the current situation, whether or not a further collapse is taking place. Because of the sudden BCH’s hard fork, the public has no idea why they go for the hard fork. The indiscriminate and emotional warfare of these two forces could be a great opportunity to break the BCH’s value.

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At this point, we are thinking of the question, “Is it really difficult to decentralize?” If the forces that issue or promote Cryptocurrency do not pursue a shared economy, Cryptocurrency can be a personal cash box for minorities. The public watching this incident is likely to become a turning point seeking Cryptocurrency decentralized. GSTAR, which is currently conducting IEO (Initial Exchange Offering) from November 12 to December 14 at the European Exchange (, is also one of the Cryptocurrency decentralized. Conventional mining is done through CPU, GPU, and ASIC method, so the centralization of the mining factory has occurred. However, GSTAR is preparing mobile mining based on Mobile Blockchain (GOX) instead of this method. Mobile mining is difficult to become a mining factory as it is. Computers can be purchased indefinitely without personal authentication, but mobile mining is mined through a single mobile through personal authentication. The decentralization pursued by GSTAR aims to truly decentralize for the mobile age.

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In this sense, new Cryptocurrency such as GSTAR is likely to be spotlighted on the market soon. Products that ignore the public are hard to succeed in any age. Especially in a globalized era like now, it is more difficult to succeed. In the future, we expect Cryptocurrency like GSTAR to continue to make the market healthier.

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