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Advanced Blockchain technology

When we talk about Blockchain, we think of complex mining equipment like CPU, GPU, ASIC. Furthermore, there is a widespread perception that mining of Cryptocurrency can only be done by experts. In fact, mining is an area that is difficult for the general public to access, such as the purchase of mining equipment, setting, and the use of mining pools. Therefore, users are not able to do mining directly, so they put thousands to tens of thousands of dollars in trust for mining. This causes various social problems.

They buy mining equipment with only a few investments, and most of the funds are useful for other purposes. Moreover, it is difficult to purchase more mining equipment without information or network. When the market for Cryptocurrency is good, there are many cases where it is not possible to buy mining equipment even with money. Above all, the present mining method is the problem of monopolizing the mining by the large capitalists purchasing the mining equipment in large quantity and operating the plant. Capitalists monopolize mining to dominate the entire Cryptocurrency market and monopolize wealth created from Cryptocurrency. This is in contrast to the basic philosophy of Cryptocurrency based on decentralization. In fact, BITMAIN accounts for 75% of the market share of Bitcoin mining ASICs.

Now is the time to make advances in technology. We need something new from the existing mining of Blockchain. We already feel that the current way has a problem. What is genuine decentralization? What technologies and methods can we do better than we do today? It is time to think about this fundamentally. GSTAR, which has started to inform the world with a new topic called Mobile Blockchain in this regard, has something to suggest to us. According to GSTAR’s representative TOM (KIM), “Mobile is basically personal authentication. Therefore, anyone can use it to make mining, but on the other hand, it can prevent mining over a certain amount. Especially when a system such as the game is introduced, mass mining becomes more difficult.

We will use mobile mining with these points. 5G Served in 2019 will make this technology brighter.” Like GSTAR’s representative, Now is the time come up with advanced new technologies and ideas in Blockchain. This year is the 10th anniversary of Bitcoin. I will carefully observe whether a new environment will be made next year.

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