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90% of Cryptocurrency funds in China are closed

In the last three months, the collapse of the Cryptocurrency has made it difficult to get funds. Since China is no exception, more than 90% of Chinese funds are closed. The situation of other countries are similar with China. Half of the companies that have been running the ICO in 2017 have been told that it is closed. On the other hand, blockchain companies are steadily increasing. Until 2018, there were few real-life business models and the Cryptocurrency market was not vitalized. The price fluctuations of Cryptocurrency have even moved with the existing financial markets. Cryptocurrency should move against existing financial markets.

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In 2019, the views of experts are generally optimistic about the market. Nevertheless, as the winter of the Cryptocurrency market becomes longer, many companies will face a crisis. In order to boost the market in 2019, practical applications of Cryptocurrency are necessary. If the problem of price liquidity is solved and there are a lot of companies that are practically applied to business, the prospect of Cryptocurrency will be bright. In 2019, Cryptocurrency which business model is clear and realistic will be highlighted. GSTAR(GOX) is also one of the notable Cryptocurrency in 2019. GSTAR(GOX) is preparing the mining using mobile games. Mobile mining is the only GSTAR(GOX). Mobile mining does not waste resources such as electricity or hardware. Mobile also has no limitations on location and movement. The user can always check the mining status because the user himself mines. The mobile market is the largest in the mining market because everyone has it.

According to eMarketer, a digital data research firm, smartphone users account for 2.4 billion people in the world’s 7.5 billion people. Mobile mining is expected to be very popular in 2019 due to its ease of access and rapid diffusion. Let’s look at what realistic business models will emerge in 2019.

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