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GSTAR(GOX) has applied the patent for mobile mining

GSTAR(GOX) announced that they are applying for a patent for mobile mining after the technical review. GSTAR(GOX) is also preparing a global platform for the launching of various business models. GSTAR(GOX) announced that the blockchain platform of GSTAR(GOX) will help many companies. GSTAR (GOX) is already negotiating business applications with some companies and many people will be experiencing GSTAR(GOX) which will be used in reality in 2019. 2019 can be an important year in the world of blockchains and Cryptocurrency.

Blockchain to make silent war, The downfall of mining factories

All projects whose current business models are unclear are in danger of being disappered. Half of the companies that have already announced their projects in 2017 are closed. 2019 is likely to be more cruel. Companies that have already been invested in 2018 are in great crisis because of the huge loss of their investments, and companies looking to be invested in 2019 have a bad investment environment. Most of Cryptocurrencies currently underway in ICO are not easy to attract investment. New cryptocurrency models with unclear business models are highly likely to be disappeared more than 90%. Cryptocurrencies listed on the exchanges have many problems. Their funds are running low, and there are no business model for them. 2019 is a year in which efforts and innovation are needed throughout Cryptocurrencies. Innovative projects like GSTAR(GOX) will have to emerge a lot. The year 2019 is a year of worries, but it is also a year of high expectations.

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