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In 2019, a new wind blows in the block chain.

New business models and services should emerge in the block chain industry in 2019. Until now, many companies have been invested with white paper and have practiced nothing. But now it is over. Most Cryptocurrency continue to announce future plans even after they have been invested. The current stagnant Cryptocurrency market is responsible for companies that do nothing but been invested. Now it is necessary to develop a block-chain world with more realistic and visible performance. Among the recent Cryptocurrency, there is a Cryptocurrency called GSTAR(GOX). GSTAR( is presenting a solution to solve various problems.

Blockchain to make silent war, The downfall of mining factories

One of them is to apply Cryptocurrency to games. Mobile game is mining. It is a business model suitable for 5G era. The game can show that Cryptocurrency is practically applied. Whether the result is big or small, it is necessary to show it practically. We hope new many business models emerge to further activate the block-chain industry In 2019.

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