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In 2019, New Blockchain services pour.

Many global corporations are doing their best to leap into the 4th industry. A.I., which brings innovation to science, research, medicine and life, is representative. Also, the entry of the 5G era, in which a movie can be downloaded in a few seconds from a smartphone, is also a revolution in the 4th industry. We expect various changes in our lives including quantum computers, robots, gene technology, electric vehicles, and autonomous navigation technology. Among them, Blockchain technology also plays a role. Systems that share information securely in various fields are the basis of true democracy. Blockchain technology, which freely exchanges and shares the border and various social systems, will make many Changes in our society as a whole.

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Although the world is now confused by the lack of understanding of the Blockchain technology, it will soon find a way to go and solve the immediate problems. 2019 could be such a first year. Around the world, many companies are preparing various projects. One of them is the change of mining. The concept of existing mining has consumed a great deal of resources by offline using hardware, but now, there is a project that introduced the concept of mining in mobile.

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This mobile mining concept is serviced in the middle of the year. And then users will be able to mine without wasting resources and it make new changes in the world of Blockchain. Also, it is expected that the mining will be done in a game format that is accessible to all. The project to prepare such services is GSTAR(GOX). GSTAR ( will start global service in a few months. GSTAR(GOX) is preparing to promote worldwide for global services. This technology can solve many things which people have been worried about so far. Perhaps GSTAR(GOX) could be part of that role. You may also want to refer to the YouTube video message ( for easy understanding of this concept.

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