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Initial Coin Offering Launches October 5th

Oct 05, 2017 Oct 07, 2017

AirToken wants to tokenize mobile access for the underserved. The team wants everyone to have unrestricted access to the mobile internet. Billions of people around the world lack access to telco and financial services. The poorer you are the more you have to pay for access.

The goal is to unlock mobile capital (affordability is the biggest prohibitor of access) by allowing advertisers and lenders in our Blockchain to sponsor mobile internet to millions of users at a time. AirToken ledgers the user’s digital assets (attention, prepaid balance, behavior, etc) and essentially monetize the smartphone for the subscriber in the forms of AirToken sponsorship rewards and AirToken micro-financing. Users are then rewarded or loaned AirTokens that can be redeemable for AirTime or Data across 500 prepaid carriers.

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Tokens generation cap

1,500,000,000 AIR

Tokens distribution

70% on the Token Sale Budget Allocation:
50% Current and New Engineering Team
20% Sales & Marketing
13% Bulk Data Purchases
12% Administration & Legal
5% Buffer Reserve

Tokens exchange

50 AIR = $1 USD in ETH


$0 – $2m 30%
$2m – $4m 20%
$4m – $8m 10%
$8m+ No Bonus

Differences from competitors

AirFox is the only company that uses the blockchain to unlock mobile access to emerging market users.