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First cryptocurrency for app stores

Dec 12, 2017 Dec 20, 2017

A standard for developers to advertise their app or game in the app store, paying AppCoins to the user for 2 minutes of attention. Blockchain provides proof-of-attention and guarantees against repudiation, double attribution, and fake identity.

In-app Purchases
A solution for purchase and billing digital items using AppCoins inside games and apps. The developer integrates it once and it works across all app stores. Users have an easy way to pay for items with AppCoins bought with fiat currency or previously earned through advertising.

App Approval
A new trust model where developers are ranked as “Trusted”, “Unknown” or “Critical” according to their track record of transactions in the blockchain.

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Token info

Token                                   APPC
Platform                             Ethereum
Type                                     ERC20

Price in ICO                      0.10 USD

Tokens for sale              450,000,000

Investment info

Accepting                          ETH
Soft cap                              2,500,00 USD
Hard cap                             15,300,000 USD

Raised                                   $15,300,000