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The Venture Token

May 28, 2018 Nov 30, 2018

Benchmark International Ltd will be funding a number of unique Fintech, Renewable Energy, Waste Recycling and Real Estate projects in Africa and across the globe. The BMK token is the ticket to participate in these projects and profit from their potential success. You can exchange your BMK for asset-backed security tokens each project will offer individually. Holding these security tokens will give you a share in the projects’ financial returns. BMK is also the fuel for the ecosystem that allows all participants, including the project’s staff and suppliers, to move funds and payments efficiently and without paying devastating fees on those transactions – a fact in most third world countries when dealing with fiat currency. These benefits are the main driver within the Benchmark ecosystem.

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About Benchmark

Benchmark International creates and gives multiple opportunities to people from all walks of life and in all countries to profitably participate in the immediate future and in the long term in the great adventure that is the New Economy.

  • Benchmark is the New Economy Manifested.
  • Benchmark is Building the Future on the Blockchain.
  • Benchmark is making the New Economy accessible to people everywhere – especially those previously disadvantaged through the Old Economy.