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A Revolutionary Digital Money System ENERGON is Digital Cash

Mar 01, 2018 Dec 30, 2018

A Revolutionary Digital Money System ENERGON is Digital Cash. The Cryptocurrency For Modern And Anonymous Payments.

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ENERGON uses increased anonymity of transactions through zk-SNARKs technology, hiding the sender, the recipient and the amount of the transfer from outside observers. In total there will be 200 million coins in circulation. 50 million will be sold as an investment attraction.

The funds from the investments will go to the development of the software of the crypto exchange, which will work with offshore banks to enter and withdraw funds, as well as to purchase equipment and build a data center for mining. In the future, after the launch of the data center and the exchange, users who purchased ENERGON can at its expense purchase the power in the data center and use it either for mining other crypto currencies or for mining ENERGON to increase the power of mining. For those who will acquire the power for ENERGON there will be significant discounts in price relative to those who will purchase for other currencies.